Lisa Natoli

Welcoming as a Practice to Awakening & Healing

A session with Lisa Natoli (Founder of The Healing Cure)

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About this Session

Lisa describes the process of welcoming unwanted feelings as a doorway to awakening and healing. This session is an investigation and discovery into your true nature which is peace and happiness. Welcoming is not about getting rid of conflict or unwanted emotions, but instead to welcome and embrace everything exactly as it is – which allows the mind to be still an instant. When the mind is still (without defenses, without avoidance techniques, without trying to feel better and without trying to improve your life), the Self You Are comes shining through.

This session with Lisa is an invitation to be courageous enough to let old hurts, fear and buried emotions to come out of hiding, to face them directly so they can be seen and released in the light of truth.

About The Speakers

Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli

Founder of The Healing Cure

Therapist, Teacher