Diederik Wolsak

Is trauma a life sentence? Really?

A session with Diederik Wolsak (Founder, Program Director, Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centre)

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About this Session

In Diederik’s 25 years of working with people with a huge variety of traumas something has become clear: trauma is now what bipolar was 20 years ago; it pops up everywhere, and the deep hopelessness and psychic pain people experience who have haunting memories of trauma is huge.

Choose Again has found that regardless of the severity of the presenting trauma, it cannot stand in the way of a rich and full life awakening to the knowing of the Self once it has been lovingly examined and processed through self-inquiry and investigation.

Please join Diederik in exploring how trauma can become the gateway to true joy and how a simple process can undo decades of habitual suffering.

About The Speakers

Diederik Wolsak

Diederik Wolsak

Founder, Program Director, Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centre