Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

To Thine Own Self Be True

A session with Jon Mundy, Ph.D. (Author, Lecturer, Publisher of Miracles magazine)

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About this Session

We may think we know ourselves – but the truth is that self we think we are is a persona, a self-made self. Something we refer to as an ego has absolutely no reality in eternity, according to A Course in Miracles. The wonderful news is “You are the Christ,” as is everyone. Awakening to that awareness, just as Jesus did, brings us back home again to a place we never left. Jesus, according to the Course, was “a man who saw the face of Christ in all of his brothers and sisters and remembered God.” To see what Jesus’ saw is to be who Jesus is – to let the Christ be fully known and never hidden.

About The Speakers

Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

Author, Lecturer, Publisher of Miracles magazine